Industryus is a specialist Human Resources Consulting Agency, which partners with established small and medium-sized organisations to improve their human resources and safety outcomes.

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Our approach is threefold; to help you and your leaders understand your organisation’s employer obligations via tailored advice, to be better protected via having the right compliance in place should a dispute or issue arise, and to help your organisation be more effective at handling day to day human resources processes by providing real-world management expertise. Contact us today to find out more about any of these services:

HR advice (one-off and membership programs)

Pay and contract reviews

Template letters, forms and guides

Employment contracts and onboarding support

Workplace policies and procedures

Termination, redundancy and unfair dismissal

Performance management

Software for people management

HR project management


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Industryus offers a free, no-obligation Introductory Call. Book online now for a discussion about your human resources and/or safety. During your free introductory call, we will listen to your organisation’s challenges, needs and concerns so that we are able to propose a clear pathway for your workplace moving forward.

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