Do you need a short term HR project management consultant?

Are you finding that you or your team are tied up with business as usual work, and unable to focus on improving your HR? Do you have HR goals for your organisation, but don’t have an HR project manager to bring them to fruition? Are you unsure whether your business’ approach to human resources is the best it could be?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, a short term HR project management consultant will help get your organisation on the right track.

With wide HR project manager expertise, Industryus HR can support almost any HR project for you. That’s right, we can work with you for one day, a few months or on an ongoing basis depending on what you need to be done.

HR Project Manager


What can an HR Project Manager help you with?

Some examples of the kinds of projects our team can manage:

  • Planning, design and rollout of HR initiatives
  • Pay reviews for compliance with Fair Work
  • Employment contract and policy reviews
  • Restructures and redundancies
  • HR software sourcing and implementations
  • Recognition & reward programs
  • Culture and engagement reviews
  • Leadership training workshops
  • and lots more!

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