If the Fair Work Ombudsman conducted a random audit of your workplace, would you be compliant?

As a company grows it is common for the focus to be on operations and business development activities. This can result in human resources obligations being left behind and creating risk for your organisation. If you are unsure if employee wage rates are above the minimum required, we recommend a pay review.

Fair Work Inspectors will not make exceptions for organisations who claim they weren’t aware of their workplace obligations. They regularly order back payments, issue fines and organisations are named and shamed in the media. Investing in a pay review will ensure compliance and protection for your workplace.

Pay Reviews:

Most employees in Australia are covered by a Modern Award. There are both Industry Awards and Occupational Awards, and determining which one applies to each role within your organisation is a complex task. Often workplaces will have a number of Awards which apply, and some employees may even be Award free. It is best left to the professionals to make a determination. If you get it wrong, it can result in back payments and heavy fines from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Fair Work Inspectors may conduct random audits at any time. Also, disgruntled employees are able to easily and anonymously report employers to the Ombudsman either online or via telephone. By booking in a pay review, you are getting ahead of the game and will be prepared for any audit which will inevitably take place.

When Industryus HR conducts a pay review for your organisation, we will determine the correct Award for each employee and advise you of the minimum pay rate for each role. Our pay review of your organisation will be handled confidentially, and we will discuss the results with you so that you feel comfortable and fully understand the results.

To find out more about getting a pay review, please call 1300 15 10 11, or contact us online.

Pay review


HR health checks:

HR health checks are a type of HR review and help to future proof organisations by showing leaders where workplace compliance gaps are so they can be resolved before they become a problem. Generally, they focus on recruitment, onboarding, and general compliance.

HR health checks highlight issues and gaps that prevent businesses from becoming the extraordinary workplaces they are destined to be. They also highlight Fair Work obligations that are not being met, efficiencies that could be gained or team issues that could be repaired. Industryus HR’s recommendations will assist leaders to make more informed decisions about the future, ultimately resulting in a better functioning workplace.

Other HR reviews:

A focussed review helps to gain a deeper understanding of any gaps that might exist with HR practices. For example, commonly Industryus HR is engaged to conduct a pay review for established workplaces to determine if all employees are being paid in accordance with Fair Work legislation.

Reviews may focus on a range of areas, including:

  • Employment contracts
  • Workplaces policies
  • HR processes
  • Cultural issues
  • Reward and recognition
  • Workforce planning
  • Benefits
  • Organisational design
  • Health and safety